Mary's Bridal

With seven bridal collections, each collection starts with ideas from Mary as she dives into hundreds of women's fashion magazines. She next makes over 1000 sketches that she sends to the manufactures to be made into sample. Finally, she narrows the possibilities down to about 200 dresses to the "essence of Mary's" for that season. Mary's designs tend to be more traditional than wild. Her gowns are designed to be pleasing regardless of size, taste, or budget. They are made so that everyone can look like a princess on their wedding day. With Mary's, the public is amazed at the quality it can get for the price. A gown that would cost several thousand dollars elsewhere can be purchased for a fraction because Mary makes sure her dresses are affordable. Furthermore, her quality is much better because the all the beads are hand-sewn and the insides have no visible seams.



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